About Us

About Us

Founded by Rabbi Avraham Kramer in 2004 to alleviate poverty in Israel. 


Our Mission

Alleviate poverty & loneliness all across Israel. As much as we can, however we can.

Every month, the Chaya Israel Foundation supports hundreds of needy families and individuals in Israel.

Our Vision

Partner with community leaders that know the ins & outs of their congregations.

They know better than anyone where the donations are needed most & where they can make the biggest impact.

Our Values

Support Torah Study & Jewish Life in Israel.

Give under-priveliged communities the gift of food & shelter to enable them to celebrate the Jewish Holidays as they were meant to be celebrated.

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Popular Causes

Food Boxes

Give to the less fortunate & allow your soul to be enriched.

Hachnasat Kalah

If Not Us, Whom? And If Not Now, When? For newly-weds just starting off on their journey of marriage, financial matters can be tough.

Support the IDF

Please join us in providing hope & support for the people that protect the borders of Israel with their lives.

What We Do

We’re On A Mission To Make
A Difference

Food for the Holidays

From Rosh Hashana to Pesach & then back around.

Running Water

From sanitary living conditions to clean water: many in Israel don't have many of the basic necessities we often take for granted.

Medical Support

When the non-insured need dire medical support, we do our best to rally donors around their cause.

School Supplies

Every child deserves a chance to excel.

All Donations are Tax Deductible for US Citizens